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  • Who are we ... Our identity

    Our Tradition and Heritage are things that can not be bought. The significance of the symbols that make up our school brand (logo) are embedded in the history of our town and school.
    Halfway House was and forever will be that place halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. In our life of advanced technology with super buses, trains and fast cars, we tend to forget that more than a century ago this trip was done on horseback, by stagecoach or ox wagon, and often on foot.
    Our School is more than 90 years old and is totally a-political. The 2 symbols that reperesent the cities are outstanding landmarks with no political significance whatsoever. We are proud of our heritage. We, as the new generation, have inherited our brand and we plan to keep what is now ours. We will honour it because of the huge impact this school has had on the lives of so many children throughout the years.

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • Stage Coach and Horizontal Line
    Travelling between Johannesburg and Pretoria and the road that links the two cities

  • Minehead and Vertical Line
    The Minehead respresents Johannesburg, industry and employment while the vertical line respresents the distance between the 2 cities.

  • The Voortrekker Monument
    This symbol represents Pretoria where this famous monument is homed.

  Our School song

Tussen twee stede
Wat die toekoms van ons land beheer,
Daar staan ons skoolgebou
Waar ons eerste kennis,
Tot volle rykdom bloei
l Leerkrag, leerling saam verbind,
Tot een groot ideaal.
Contentione Service is our motto
Always striving harder,
To reach the beckoning heights.
We shall strive to succeed,

Pure in heart and firm in step.
We'll take the upward climb.
Help us oh dear Lord,
Now we humbly pray thee
In all our work and sport
Never to accept defeat.
Make us more determined
To achieve our cherished goal.
Bless Halfway House School now.


Where do we come from ... Our History

Established in 1923
Halfway House Primary boasts a rich cultural heritage of being the first (pioneering) school in the Midrand (Halfway House) area.

From small beginnings come great things...
In August 1922 a Mr AS Van Coller asked the authorities to set up an educational facility for the children living in the Halfway House region.
2 months later the go-ahead was given. On the 18 April 1923 Laerskool Halfway House (English translation: Halfway House Primary) was established.
In June of the same year Mr LH Theron (the headmaster) had 20 learners on the roll. The school was frequently on the brink of closure, as the number of learners fluctuated. Halfway House was initially a halfway station between Johannesburg and Pretoria thus the opening line of our school song "Tussen Twee Stede" (between two cities). In 1938 Halfway House became a small town, at this stage Laerskool Halfway House had 40 learners and all were Afrikaans speaking. It is significant to note that Gallagher Estate, the largest conference centre in SA was built on the former site of our school.
In 1956 under the leadership of Mr Wasserman, Laerskool Halfway House had 111 Afrikaans and 45 English speaking pupils. When Mr Murcott became principal in 1959 there were 127 Afrikaans and 70 English speaking pupils and 7 teachers. In the 1970s the English pupils outnumbered the Afrikaans pupils.

Today, Halfway House Primary is 92 years old. Under the leadership of Mr Pillay we have 1647 learners and 75 teachers. We have a legacy filled with resilience and courage. Our heritage is stamped with faith and heart. All our headmasters, Mr Theron, Smith, van Heerden, Wasserman, Murcott, Saunders, Cahill, Wessels and Mr Pillay have been and are passionate about education. We are proudly South African and we carry the torch of our Rainbow Nation. Our flag flies briskly as we strive for excellence.
Our School is more than 90 years old and is totally a-political. We are proud of the heritage that we, as the new generation, have inherited and we plan to keep what is now ours, hence we honour it because of the huge impact Halway House Primary has had and will have in the lives of so many children throughout the years.

Halfway House Primary is a school of excellence with high standards and expectations in all facets.
We uphold our school motto and mission statement "to ensure quality teaching and learning takes place in the classroom every day."

Where are we going...

Our Vision.

Ensuring every learner does well at school and leaves our institution with the knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in adult life.

Our Mission.

To ensure quality learning and teaching takes place in the classroom every day.

Our Goals.

It is our expectation that all our children will develop independent attitudes and skills that will enable them to create, question and challenge their own pathway to achieving their goals without peer pressure or prejudice.

What We believe ... our values and ethics

At Halfway House Primary we believe that it is our responsibility as adults to teach and instill Values and Ethics into our children, our leaders of tomorrow.

In our Values drive initiative we adopt 6 guidelines to encourage character transformation which is reinforced in engaging and exciting ways throughout the year.

Our 6 Guidelines to Character Transformation:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship

How do we achieve this?

  • Class of the month - Motivational talks in the class every day for a month. "What did you do today to make the school a cleaner place?"
  • "Best Caring Class" for 2015 Term !" certificate. Proof must be given how the class as a whole worked together.
  • Spot individuals adhering to values and give rewards e.g. Civvies day
  • Visual management on productivity boards of Grades & classes .- use the D6 Communicator to promote this Value.
  • News boards on 3 different areas around the school - Posters, extra bins etc.
  • Parent involvement
  • Parent class representatives
  • Recycling campaign – competition with paper recycling etc… (class and individual competition

Our Achievements


What they Say about us...

  • “It is an awesome school, I love it. There are great people there and once you get to know them they become your best friends. The teachers are really nice I wouldn't ever want to leave this school."
    Rahman, Student - Grade 6
  • “Probably the best primary school ever! I enjoyed my 7 years at HHP. Highly qualified staff, great facilities, the only school I've been to with a swimming pool :P lol. I met lots of friends here. Very nice school”
    Angello, Student - Grade 7
  • "It is my daughter's second year at Halfway House Primary...grade 2. Everyday she is ready for school and never complains. I am impressed by the ladies in after care. They call out the kids name to notify them that they are going home. When i first met them I told them my daughter's name once and every time I arrive to fetch my child they know who I'm there for and call out her name...they never forget and pronounce her name correctly.”
    Thandeka Shongwe, Parent



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291 Van Heerden Road, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, 1685
P.O.Box 224, Halfway House, Gauteng, 1685
Tel: 011 805 1919 / 21 / 26
Fax: 011 315 0261
email: Principalpa@hhpschool.co.za


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