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School Terms for 2017

TERM 1 17 January 28 March
TERM 2 10 April 22 June
TERM 3 17 July 28 September
TERM 4 9 October 12 December


School Times

Grade 1-2
07:30 – 13:08

Grade 3
07:30 – 13:40

Grade 4 – 7
07:30 – 13:56 Monday to Thursday
07:30 – 13:40 Friday

Uniform Shop Days and Times

14:00 – 16:00 Tuesday and Thursday
Price list available on request.


Extra-Mural and Sport Activities

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Geographical Feeder Areas

- Carlswald - Crowthorne (up to Kyalami Main Road)
- Glen Austen Proper(South of New Road)
- Halfway Gardens
- Halfway House Proper
- Johannesburg Side of New Road, Walton Road & Kruger Road
- Kyalami
- President Park (up to Kruger Road ONLY)
- Pretoria side if Kyalami (Allandale Road)
- Vorna Valley


Code of Conduct

"Pupils and their parents/guardians must agree to abide by the school's ethos, policy and rules, including the school's standards of discipline, dress, behaviour, extra mural involvement, attitudes and social values."

There are four expectations of any pupil admitted to Halfway House Primary. These are:
- He or she should be seen to be working to the best of his/her ability, and should be suitably prepared for all lessons.
- His or her presence at Halfway House Primary should in no way spoil the quality of life of any other member of the school community.
He or she should get involved in the extra mural activities of the school.
- He or she should agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school, and should behave in such a way as to bring credit to the school.
- Enrolment at this school automatically constitutes acceptance of compliance with the CODE OF CONDUCT and other criteria which may be enforced from time to time during the operation of the school. No learner shall be exempted from the obligation to comply with the CODE OF CONDUCT.
An educator has the same rights as a parent to control and discipline a learner according to the CODE OF CONDUCT during the time that such a learner is involved in school or in school- related activities.

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School Dress Code

Uniforms are available from our Uniform shop on the school premises. Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.
The Correct uniform must be worn at all times.

Girls & Boys:

Grey short pants / Winter: Grey long pants.
Grey socks Boys / Winter: Dark Grey stockings/grey socks Girls
Black school shoes (leather).
Blue cotton shirt (tucked in) – short / long sleeves.
Blue school jersey.
School tracksuit top.
Blue drimac.
Red beanies only to be worn in winter before and after school
ALL LEARNERS (Gr 1 – 7) to have blue school shorts and a red golf shirt for Human Movement / Life Orientation lessons. In winter the School Tracksuit is to be worn.

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Curriculum and Assessment Structures

At Halfway House Primary we utilize the CAPS System.
CAPS stands for Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements. It is a revision of the current National Curriculum Statement (NCS). With the introduction of CAPS, every subject in each grade will have a single, comprehensive and concise policy document that will provide details on what teachers need to teach and assess on a grade-by-grade and subject-by-subject basis. This curriculum review has the aim of lessening the administrative load on teachers, and ensuring that there is clear guidance and consistency for teachers when teaching.

The following learning areas are offered at our school:

  • Language
    • English (Home Language)
    • A choice of Afrikaans or Zulu from Grade 3 – 7 as first additional language.
    • Only Afrikaaans is given for grades 1 – 2 as first additional language
  • Mathematics
  • Economic Management Science
  • Natural Science
  • Life Orientation
  • Technology
  • Arts and Culture
  • Social Sciences


Scale of Achievement


Progression Requirements in the GET phase








School Fees for 2018

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Learner Application

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P.O.Box 224, Halfway House, Gauteng, 1685
Tel: 011 805 1919 / 21 / 26
Fax: 011 315 0261


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